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Two days ago, I was shooting a wedding and like my normal routine I show the clients a view of the screen to see the shot taken and confirm we are all on the same track of goals. Midway through this wedding event, my camera (Sony a99 SLT) started displaying a screen with a notice that the preview was not available. However, after a shot was complete, I would display the image on the screen and my client seen the image as well. However, after that original viewing, the image was no longer viewable on the camera. So after the wedding I downloaded all the images in LightRoom and noticed that there was only 20+ files viewable the rest were not. So here is what I have for my notes for reference:


1. Using a Lexar 32gb Professional Memory Card

2. Used the Lexar's RescueImage solution software with no luck

3. Currently in the process of searching the internet for solutions to recover.

4. Using the Finder on my MacBook, I can see that each of the non-viewable file has 24mb of data, which is about normal on my files since I shoot in RAW.

5. My clients and myself have at least seen the image once right after the shot was taken, but no longer visible via the camera or my computer.

6. I feel very comfortable that the image has been captured since we saw it on the screen. However, maybe in the closing of the file or opening of the file something else went wrong or an in-completed task took place.


Looking to find solutions to recover the images.


Many thanks for any feedback

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