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Last studio session

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Hi all,


Here a picture from my last photo session

taken with Alpha 6000 + SEL55/1.8 @f/10 iso 100 1/160s


light :

KL - elinchrom freestyle @195J octobox 122cm + grid

BL - elinchrom D-Lite-4 @137J with bowl + grid


Let me know what you think about it

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Hi there!


I really like the ochre tones in this pic, well mastered and it fits your model perfectly.

The lighting of the body is very good, the jewelries are not too shiny (the reflection on the neck one is great) and we can well see the details of the black pants. 

Now in post-prod I think it'd be worth removing the thin line near the navel + it'd be worth reworking the face (some blemishes on the side + the tones may be a bit too yellow/bright compared to the body).

Also, as far as the model position is concerned (but that's really more a personal taste here), I think i'd have the legs less facing the camera and probably more in a 3/4 position, but keeping the torso the exact same way). 


ps : ('tain je viens de réaliser qu'on a dû se croiser à psa, ton profil me disait qqc et je t'avais sur mon linkedin ahah, le monde est petit). 

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