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Lens for A6500

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Hello everyone,


I am newbie in this Forum and also thinking of starting a videography. I have ordered a Sony a6500 body only which will arrive in few days. However i have not decided which lens to go with. I did a research in Google and Youtube and made my mind not going with the kit lens 16-50mm. Rather i though of buying an adapter for canon/ Sigma and also buying Canon 50mm for now (because this lens is cheap)..


Do you guys have any thoughts on this combo? A6500 + canon 50mm?? I don't know much about lenses and camera stuffs as i am new in this and starting to learn.. I also don't have enough budget for now to buy an expensive lens (250-$300 for now which i will upgrade later).


So any recommendations for a begineer? I just want to have a very nice quality lens which can have decent video quality with a blur in background and also without breaking a bank.


I hope you understand where i'm standing right now and recommend me some good lens choices from where i can learn and play around to capture nice video and without breaking a bank. :)


Thanks in advance..



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I bought the 18-105 lens with the camera and though it may not be the sharpest, it auto-focuses and follows the subject beautifully and reaches those further shots you'd have to move up on to get, but no time to do so.


I bought a Sigma 30mm 1.4 thinking I would get better bokeh but soon realized the camera is so sensitive it was simpler to, rather than change lenses (and risk dust on the sensor) I just move back with the 18-105 (even though it's an f4) and get the same bokeh effect by zooming in. Plus the Sigma is noisy while in continuous auto-focus mode! Yes, it is sharper, but always hunting for focus, making a small buzzing noise! That's a wasted $300! I do shoot with separate sound but that buzzing really buzzes me!

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I personally would recommend a native lens rather than adapting one because of possible focus issues...unless you are going to rely upon manual focus.  Also adapted auto focus lenses, particularly Sigma, can make a lot of noise.

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I surmise you haven't run a thorough search of 

this topic ... canon adapted lenses on a Sony ... 

just within the forum. Do it, and you will realize 

that such adapting is NOT for users who expect 

a seamless and fully operational union of lens 

and camera. 


Some users who already own the canon lenses 

find that the result is "not so bad" for only the

price of the adapter. But if you hafta also buy the 

Canon lenses, you will find that the operational 

level is not at all worth what you're paying.   


IOW, buying a Sony to use with your existing

collection of Canon lenses is sometimes a good 

[not perfect] plan, but doing it in reverse, buying

a set of Canon lenses to use on a Sony, is never 

a good plan.  

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18-105 would be my recommendation. I used to have one on my α6xxx cameras before I sold them all to get the α9.


The 18-105 is light, balances well with the camera and has a useful focal range. I would go with that rather than an adapted lens, especially for video. It’s worth shopping around for this lens as there are sometimes good deals on used equipment.

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