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Williamsburg bridge sunset

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    • By bdrc
      Taken with A7m3, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
      Single exposure. 
      Purple by RICO Lee, on Flickr
    • By Enis
      Since i bought my camera, i am having a strange problem. I have 3 batteries, all full. When i begin to have a photo session, batteries suddenly dried out and giving ‘’battery exhausted’’ error. And I have to recharge batteries. It is random and when it happens it will make the same error with the spare batteries after few shots.. camera has been in service but they couldnt detect the problem. Any body can help?
    • By bdrc
      A blend of 7 exposures. Taken at pedestrian bridge crossing Federal Highway, at Subang LRT station, Malaysia. 
      Took with A7iii with Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens. 
      Headings by RICO Lee, on Flickr
    • By EchoAlpha
      Sunset never gets good till almost last light in the Blue Hour. But you can lower the ISO to 50 even at f/2.8 still with a 1/15th SS (Hand Held) and get a nasty dark image used -2 ev on the dial to get sunset color. In post just increased Exposure, shadows, darks, some white then decreased highlights and went to medium contrast in the curve. But Detail and shadow no noise. With just a few slider moves and bright clear!!! A7RM2. Something more to learn!!! Oh!, No color enhancement sliders needed. The trees are lit at night by green lights from below. Jekyll Island State Park Ga. a view from the Crane Cottage part of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel a great view most every night. SEL1224G at 12mm.

    • By Blackadder
      Good afternoon,
      I got my Sony Alpha 7RII a couple months ago and all was going perfect until this "famous" camera error appeared randomly while i was shooting around.
      The "Camera Error, Turn off camera then on".
      I tried to turn it down and give it a small hit and it got fixed, but couple days after that it appeared again, and there's no way for me to fix it again.
      My camera is still in warranty, but i've seen a lot of people complaining about this problem and most of them still had this problem  when the camera was already "fixed" by Sony.
      Is it worth to try to fix it by warranty (like my piece is wrong and they can put me a right one), or is it just a Sony problem and this will hit me up again in 2-3-8 months?
      Thanks in advance.