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remembrance of last summer


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Guest Jaf-Photo

The Minolta 100/2.8 is a very good macro lens. It's sharp and it renders out of focus areas beautifully. It also has a nice 3D pop to the images, whereas most macro lenses look flat. The only draw-back would be the screw drive focus but, macro work is mostly manual focus anyway.


I have the Sony version but it's the same lens. I use it both on A Mount and adapted on E Mount. The photos look beautiful on both systems. So, cherish your macro lens and it's problably the last thing you should change in your system.

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I completely concur with Jaf-Photo. The Minolta 100m f/2.8 Macro Lens is a very fine lens. In addition to the qualities already noted, the lens works well on all the recent Sony cameras and is a remarkable portrait lens. Although the screw-drive focus is an older technology, my copy is lightening fast. It's simply just a wee bit noisier than the SSM motors, but so what!? For serious macro work, use the lens in manual focus mode. The Minolta 100/2.8 is a keeper, and among many is regarded as a classic. It is a leader among any lens in its focal length. Keep it.


The photo of the butterfly you posted is a good testimony to the macro qualities Jaf mentioned. I'll bet the photo looks even better from the original file, rather than after being compressed and posted on the internet.

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