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Bird In Flight -- share your BIF photos here!!!

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Sony A9 with Canon 400mm F4 DO II and Metabones V adapter. (www.larrywongphotography.com)

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On 1/31/2020 at 1:35 AM, wildlightphoto said:

all: a7rIII, 600mm f/4 GM



In addition to the photographic merit, of course: as a biker, I like the way how this bird is doing a curved flight, yet keeping his head perfectly aligned with the horizon.

Pretty much like motorcyclists do it, too.



Image source: http://www.ridesmart.info/img/blogs/leaning diagram.jpg


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I leave a sequence of the approach, the second photo is missing, I don't know what happened, possibly I deleted it on camera.

They were the last lights, my ISO was high and low speeds to allow me to take better pictures of that bird, until I decided to fly and I followed it, knowing that in 1 / 500s they would come out with some trepidation of movement.

I don't know if this is the correct thread for this photo, but I wanted to show how the A7R3 behaves with the FE 100-400


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Hand held with my shoulder mount rig, 1/4000 f7.1 Sony A6300 and Sony 200-600 Zoom at 600mm (900mm APC sensor)

I modifies a MOVO shoulder mount bought used off Amazon for $38 so it has a chest pad and hook that fits over my shoulder. I programmed the C1 button for focus. Lens camouflage and turning off shutter click made a big difference with shot opportunities. 

Sword Fight.jpg


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14 minutes ago, Alan24601 said:

I modifies a MOVO shoulder mount bought used

I really like this kind of modification and can relate to the satisfaction, which comes along with its results. In this particular case I'm wondering however, what kind of secret message these funny non-printable characters in your post might convey ... :rolleyes:

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