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My Captures a Dot when i click almost in every pic.


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Hello Guys,


Can some one help me with the issue that i'm facing with my camera, it captures a dot on the right hand side of the picture i click, i have cleaned the lense, and also camera. But, it did not work. Uploaded a sample pic for reference, if anyone can suggest something here, would be of great help. :)

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Guest Jaf-Photo

If you get spots like these, it's usually dust or other particles on the sensor and/or rear element of the lens.


Avoid physical contact with optical surfaces if you can. Start by getting a dust blower and try to blow away the offending particles. Unless the dirt was wet when it got stuck, it's only held there by static electricity and should come off.


As soon as you clean by touch you'll cause scratches and streaks that may aggravate the problem. Worst case, IQ will be permanently affected.

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