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Reading A7R3 .arw files in .NET (C#)

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I am a developer and I want to take a closer look at Multi Pixel .arw files. I'm using VS2015 on Windows 10 Pro x64 and trying to read .arw files from my A7R3 (ILCE-7RM3).


As a prerequisite I installed the newest Sony Windows raw driver I could find (SRD20_Installer0810a.exe). This installed OK and after a reboot the standard Windows 'Image' app can display the files just fine.


But I cannot read the same .arw files using code :(

I get "Out of memory" exception at this point:


    Bitmap bmp = (Bitmap)Image.FromFile(fileName);


I also looked at libraries libRaw and dcRaw but could not get them to build, I'm getting different errors that I haven't been able to solve (missing .h files, macro used before definition ....). Maybe a issue with my version of VS or (more probably) I'm overlooking something. Besides I found the dcRaw based code rather messy ;)


Any ideas why the Windows standard Image app can read the files but Image.FromFile() cannot? I was under the impression that both use the Sony raw driver for this?


And do somebody have any documentation on the ARW file format?

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