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Followed video to fix over heating issue (video)...

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    So I wanted to record an entire Yoga demonstration using my Alpha 6000. Needless to say, it overheated after several minutes and shutdown. It was too frustrating for me. The video and sound this camera creates are amazing! I had to figure out how to make it record for as long as a 64GB chip would allow. I went to a YouTube video which the person places a sticky heat shield (for lack of a better word) over the logic board within the camera and then at the end shows the video running for as long as required. Well, I can tear iPhone's apart and repair them, so I certainly could follow the video and add this wonderful piece of "heat shield" in to solve the issue. To make a long story short - the LCD did not work when all was screwed/snapped back together. There was only one connection to the logic board from the monitor, so I knew this must be the issue. I took the camera apart up to the point where the monitor cable was once again exposed. It was connected just fine. I figured the monitor was fried, so I ordered a new one from Ebay (new) and just swapped it out tonight. Well, once again, it is black. I was able to see out of the viewfinder without issue and take shots/video (didn't test if video duration changed as a result of adding the heat shield). I began to fiddle around with the menu's via the viewfinder until I got to a setting which altered the viewfinder/monitor (you can set it to either or). I changed it to monitor to see if perhaps the monitor would magically come to life. Unfortunately both the viewfinder and the monitor are now black as coal. Like a cat up an impossibly high tree - I'm now in a really bad position! No menu to be seen = a useless camera(?) I looked into a hard reset method via this forum (take battery out, turn on camera w/o battery and press each button on the camera twice followed by putting the battery back in and having all your settings come back to life.) It didn't work for me. 


So not sure where to go from here: buy a new body and deal with the overheating when doing video, or is there a remedy to fix the now black viewfinder?


Thank you for any assistance in advance. 



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Unfortunately both the viewfinder and the monitor are now black as coal.  - I'm now in a really bad position! No menu to be seen = a useless camera(?) 



Outsch! ¬†9.gif.f77bfd19a39c0a77ce8aaf19a23986bb.g‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč


My compliments for your courage at this attempted "advanced" repair, even though it seems to have backfired.


What I would try:


1a. connect the camera via HDMI to a TV screen and see if you can get access to your menu that way again.

1b. if you have already done this before, tether the camera to your computer and see if you can access the menu that way. (This would be near impossible to get to work if you have never done this before).

2. remove "this wonderful piece of "heat shield"". If you're lucky, it did short-circuit something without actually (and permanently) frying it.

‚Äč3. hand the camera over to a qualified (no insult intended!) Sony repair center for an examination and a quote on the actual repair cost.


‚ÄčI would base my decision of abandoning the body¬†altogether on the previous quote.


Good luck!

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Guest Jaf-Photo

It's impossible to tell why the screen died. But connecting the camera to a screen should give you the menu back to change to EVF only. I did the reverse when my EVF died with the menu set to EVF only.

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