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Transfer Individual Photos to Playmemories on PC

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I've been searching all over for an answer and nothing appears to have been updated within the past few years. 


I have an a6000 and at some point in the future will update to the a6500 or a6700 (if and when released). 


I am an avid user of the "send to smartphone" function which allows for quick and easy previewing of photos for editing. 


However, im amazed that this functionality doesn't allow the transfer from camera to laptop? I know that we can tether the camera to the laptop to continuously transfer ALL photos to the laptop but I only want to select and transfer certain ones, not everything. I don't care about transferring RAW, just JPEG is fine. 


Right now it seems like my only option is to find an offline emulator that can run the playmemories mobile app within windows to grab the photos. 


Has anyone found an easier way? It seems so strange that it's so easy to transfer to phone, but not laptops (PC or mac). 



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