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Sony A6500 so Sigma 30mm 1.4 or Sony 35mm 1.8?

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So I've just got the A6500 from Sony for making video. The 18-105 f4 has been perfect for all my filming so far but with winter coming I need to get some faster glass to get some more light in on these dark nights. Have some questions...


If you put the Sony 35mm 1.8 with stabilisation on the A6500 with stabilisation do both stabilisers work or does one switch off the other?


Is the f1.4 from sigma in real-world terms going to let much extra light in compared to the Sony f1.8?


Does AF on the sigma work as good as on the Sony?


Is the A6500 stabilsation enough if I went with the Sigma?


Many thanks everyone,



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Given your uses and your concerns, the difference 

between f/1.8 and f/1.4 pales compared to choosing 

between Sony and Sigma firmware. As example, it 

seems you want maximum benefit of OSS and IBIS 

working in tandem. Don't collect opinions based on 

multiple users' relatively narrow scopes of empirical 

evidence. Crowd sourced advice has a verrrry scary  

track record. Stay with an all-OEM rig, engineered 

with benefit of knowledge aforethought. 


Just for example:    


All may seem perficklee OK initially. Then comes a 

necessity to update the firmware in the 6500 [many 

possible scenarios]. Thaz when you might come to

deeply regret Sigma's approach to firmware.  

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Sony E 35mm f1.8 is the only APS-C lens with full support for the hybrid autofocus found in A6x00 cameras. Sigma lenses on the other hand, have very reduced hybrid af performance. That is important as hybrid af is the main selling point of Sony mirrorless cameras.

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