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If A6XX model is coming, howcome I am unable to see it on WIFI Alliance

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Typically, we see things here a month before launch.

If A6XXX is coming within month, It should be here.


I can think of two explanations

1. Its not coming within 1 month

2. Its going to be announced, but launch is more than a couple of months away.



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    • By zahtar

      I am shooting with an a6000 and have a question regarding face detection.

      I am shooting a group of people and the camera detects 3-4 faces, without face registration. Is there a way to toggle between the detected faces? For example I don’t want to focus on the person at the far left, I want to change focus to the person in the middle.

      I am asking for a direct way, not a workaround, just a quick and easy way. So that means no face registration either.

      Thanks in advance

      PS: I am currently doing workarounds like recompose, lock-on AF etc, looking for something more efficient

    • By JWTPhoto
      Hi all,

      This is my first post here, but why not introduce myself first? Relatively new Sony user. Have an A6000 with the 16-50 and 55-210 kit lenses. I mostly shoot wide landscape, but am venturing into portraiture and I take the occasional wildlife/tighter landscape shot... So, looking for a trio of lenses.
      I'm thinking a prime and two zooms, or just three primes. Not sure. I like the flexibility of the zoom but realize that primes tend to be sharper, which I like for my landscapes. Looking at the Rokinon 12mm F2 for UWA landscapes or the Sigma 16mm (which I've heard great things about). And then a 24-70, and then maybe a 70-200 for the zoomed-in shots. Not too sure.
      Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    • By elenichatzo
      1) Thessaloniki

      2) Athens

      3) Kallikrateia, Halkidiki

      4) Zagoroxoria, Ioannina
    • By elenichatzo
      I'm new to photography but I will attend photography classes/lessons because I want to learn more and become better..
      I really like almost any kind of photography but mostly street, landscapes, cityscapes, astrography, light trails, star trails and timelapse videos.. I use the Sony A6000 with the kit lens (16-50mm) , a Neewer 35mm F1,7 and a Goko 70-210mm  F4 and all I want to ask is If I can use any of these lenses for astrography/star trails and If yes whice lens..
      Also, any recommendation of any lens that is more appropriate for this kind of staff is more than welcome.
      Thank you
    • By foetusmachine
      Hi All,

      I posted this question in an underwater photography forum, as that's my focus, but didn't have much success in getting responses. Maybe it's too technical a question, but I thought i'd try again in different forums.

      I'm working to understand how my a6000 works in detail with the aim of (possibly) making my own LED TTL converter. At the moment I use the a6000 with its internal flash to trigger a set of underwater Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes using my optical cables. I either use the strobes in manual or TTL mode. The TTL is reasonable, but not always perfect.

      I wanted to understand how the a6000 TTL system works, so I connected a little oscilloscope to my hotshoe x-sync pin and used the other channel of the oscilloscope with a photodiode to monitor the flash.

      See attached 2 screen grabs for two flash types - Fill Flash, Rear Sync. I also did a slow sync, but it's result was remarkably similar.

      I wasn't able, in any case, either Manual, Aperture priority or full automatic, to witness any pre-flash whatsoever from the camera's internal flash.

      Does the a6000 meter TTL during the exposure? Am I missing something here.

      Welcome any insights, comments or suggestions to be able to run another oscilloscope test.