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Samyang/Rokinon 135mm f/2 + Teleconverter?

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I don't own a Sony camera, but I thought you guys could still help me. I have a Fujifilm camera with a Samyang/Rokinon 135mm f/2 lens, that I use primarily for astrophotography.


Since it's a lens that is available for various mounts, for DSLR as well as mirrorless, the Sony and Fujifilm versions have some empty space at the end of the lens, that could probably fit a teleconverter.


Therefore, I was wondering if anyone ver tried to mount this lens with a teleconverter?


So far, I just found a couple guys on the Internet who said they've tried it on their Fuji camera, but I haven't seen any example or review of such setup. I figured out I should check on Sony side, given the similar build!


Thanks for your input :)



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I find that TCs produce curvature of field, 

so you had best buy it with a generous 

return policy. Since you wouldn't use its 

entire image circle on a Fuji, it's possible 

the central field you do use might be flat

enuf to get infinity focus over the full view. 

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