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Hi guys,


I'm new to the forum and hoping you guys can help me out..


I have a Sony a6300 and mainly shoot video (bought in Jan '17)


Recently I have been experiencing PINK/PURPLE glitches when shooting 4k - rolling for about 10mins intermittently before it happens.


looks like this > https://ibb.co/fr1LBG



Any ideas?


I thought overheating was the issue.. but no one mentions the same pink screen.. 




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    • By andremacias
      Hi! This is my first post.
      I just bought a Sony a6300 and i have a problem while recording 4k video. I'm using a Sony 55-210mm lenses.
      When i select 4K Video and the options: 24p 100M (super 35mm) and 24p 60M (super 35mm) some black bars (stripes) appears on the video. (i'll attach stills).
      This is "resolved" by making higher the ISO around 6400-20,000, but then at 25,600 the black bars appears again (and stronger).
      I don't know if there is something with my configuration (i haven't changed a lot of things since i bought it, almost everything is on default), or if it is another kind of problem.
      I used also the 16-50 kit lenses and the stripes appear too.
      Thanks for your help!
      *The one with the BEAR is 24p 60M, the one with the purple curtains is 24p 100M.

    • By catchcosmos
      Hello everyone, I’m an amateur film maker who moved to Thailand a few months ago to teach science. The company I am with is hosting a video contest, and was the first chance for me to try out my new Sony a6300. 
      I would love any tips, comments, or suggestions, as this is my first venture into the filming and editing process. Video is shot only using the kit lens, and a Hero6 for the POV shots. 
      I would also IMMENSLY appreciate a vote on the website, which you can do every day! Doing so would allow me to bring a friend to visit as well as get a little cash to invest in a new lens! 
      Thank you all, I look forward to your comments! 
    • By photojunkie
      Hello, everyone! My name is Misty
      I just got a Sony a6300 a week ago today. I was wanting to upgrade to the Sony a7iii from my Nikon DSLR cameras (D600 and D300; I've also had Canon DSLR cameras in the past), but I couldn't catch it in stock. Since I needed a new camera for VBS at church last Saturday, my husband ran me up to our local Best Buy last Friday and bought me the 6300...so, I'm a week in! I do hope to be able to grab the a7iii later this year for my birthday in November or at Christmas, but I am loving the 6300 so far and will definitely keep it as my back up camera/teaching my three kids ( 12, 9, and 8 ) how to shoot!
      The only lens I have right now is the 18-135mm that came with it but, with time, I am hoping to get a longer zoom, a 50mm, an 85mm and maybe the 16mm just because I love how other people's landscape photos look with that lens. 

      I'm not a professional by any means, but I'm not a newbie either. I have loved pictures and photo albums for as long as I can remember, and I got my first real camera when I was in 7th grade. I'll be 32 here in a few months and I've had a lot of cameras since then. After I had my first child, that's when I wanted an awesome camera and got into Photoshop/Lightroom so I could create the best memories I possibly could have to look back on.
      This is my first mirrorless camera, though, and I am BEYOND excited for the adventures that Sonnie (what I named her) and I will be having together. I've taken pictures at VBS, the first day of school yesterday, at the fair, and our new church being build in just the seven days I've had it. I am also excited to learn how to take awesome videos with it!
      I still have a lot to learn, but that's why I'm here on this forum!!!

    • By Dbui2
      Tried to search the www and here for this but couldn't really find any info regarding the 3 series A7 bodies.
      Problem is the following: when I hit the record button on my A7RIII in 4k/100M mode, the Feelworld F570 external monitor via HDMI goes black. 4k HDMI output is set to 24fps as the F570 doesn't handle 60fps. I can see the HDMI output on the monitor until hitting record and can also play back 4k files and see them on the F570 but have no live picture during 4k recording.
      1080p is fine at all fps levels.

      I have tried:
      - setting HDMI resolution to auto, 2160/1080p, 1080p and 1080i
      - using different HDMI cables with different data transfer ratings
      - 30p and 24p 60M modes
      - changing gamma assist mode or turning it off
      - going through the menu of the A7R3
      - going through the menu of the F570 multiple times
      with no success.

      Sony manual claims the following by HDMI settings:
      "* Images will not appear on the monitor of the camera if you record movies while the camera is connected to and HDMI device with file format set to XAVC S 4K" but actually the monitor of the camera displays what I'm recording HDMI doesn't.

      I'm totally out of options here, anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks in advance!
    • By dailyrushes
      Here's a way to externally monitor while using touch focus!
      Put the camera in 4K video mode. Save the setting to Memory recall 2. Plug in an external monitor. Start recording first. This does not work before recording. Touch the camera monitor screen (on the camera) to focus where you want. (must be in autofocus mode) This only works in 4K, video mode and you can see the focus brackets where it will focus, just not the image itself. That will be on the external monitor. You can also set the focus speed and sensitivity to your liking in menu 2/1/9 and 2/2/9. Focus may "hunt" at the end of each touch without adequate light, so set to slow in 2/1/9.
      I tried to attach small file-size SD version of a rack focus just now but the software says "Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file"
      I found this hack after reading on the web that you can also see the video ISO setting when set to the same memory mode. (4K only) It will show what the ISO will be for the auto setting in video mode if you touch the AEL lock button before recording. This is handy to predict whether you're going to have too much noise in the shadows, especially if you're recording in a bright environment where you can't easily see the monitor. (I think 800 ISO is the minimum allowed for 4K)
      What other hacks will MR2 do? Let me know what you find!
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