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Recommend a (super)wide lens for video on the A7ii

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Beginner videographer here. I recently got a Zhiyun Crane V2 and I’m on the look out for a wide angle lens to shoot video with it.


For photo work, I tend to stick with my 24-70 GM which produces pristine results, but even though the Crane is rated at taking up to 1.8kg, the GM makes the camera way too front heavy to mount on the Crane (I’ve even tried adding in counter weights at the back to help balance it).


So currently I’m using the much light and compact 55mm 1.8 which still produces very sharp video but much much narrower. For more scenic videos I’m looking at a wider lens (around 16mm?). I’ve experimented with my 28mm f2.0 but the results were not that good.


With the A7ii being mounted on the Crane, I’m looking out for a wide angle lens with AF, as manual focus on it is a pain without jittering the gimbal. The lens that’s on my radar right now is the Samyang 14mm f2.8 AF, would this be suitable? It comes in at around 510grammes which will be the maximum the Crane can take to balance being front heavy.



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I've used the Batis 18 on a stabilizer. 


The barrel of the lens extends beyond the mounting plane of the camera bottom.  You will have to use a small spacer under the camera base. 



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