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Rumor has it Sony shipped about 20 cameras to photographers!

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Sony A7rII cameras! All sealed and marked so that no one comes to the idea to leak them out :)


So only 20 people outside Sony know about the camera and they have been told camera will be announced before June.

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The question is: Does it have IBIS? ;)


The extra weight certainly suggests that is the case.  But mine rattles a lot and hisses at you when you shake it, not sure if that's normal?





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Well hopefully 3k will fall out of the sky and i can get that second body im kind of after, im guessing it will be between 2400 to 3000. The ibis will be great for this camera i would imagine. My guess is no second card slot.

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Probably A7r with IBIS and minor improvements- quieter shutter, for example .

I'd guess s cond card slot and more robust battery not happening now, maybe never unless Sony increases body size and weight.

I just wish Sonybwouldvannounce the unitbso we could assess it

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Well it certainly makes sense to beta test a small batch. 


As for things Sony does not currently see fit to alter, such

as the battery or single card slot, they don't need anyone's

opinion if they are not considering any changes. A poll of

user reactions is only useful if change is being considered. 


Beta testing puts potential problems into the hands of real

users. Real users do things, combine various settings and

work habits, that might never occur to the designers who

operate pretty much in a bubble.


For instance, there's a FM glitch in the A6000 that bothers

me. It combines 3 things in a manner that clearly wouldn't

ever be discovered by the designers. Very nice of Sony to

have added the memory recall [essentially 3 user custom

configs] to the A6000. But if you use back button focus as

your personal normal mode, you will hafta reactivate that,

via the menus, anytime you insert a battery with the mode

dial set to MR.


IOW, changing the battery defeats the back button focus

setting. Yes the back button DOES still focus, but also the

shutter button focusing re-engages, which acoarst defeats

the whole purpose of back button focusing }:-( 


Things equal to the same are the same ... for example:


Solution to problem =

dial away from MR to insert battery =

waaaaay stoooopid procedure =

Solution to problem ..... [ad nauseam]


I'm no engineer, but IMNSHO this is a FM glitch.


Back button focus is a common preference. 

Changing batteries is a common chore.


Therefore: It's likely that if 20 users beta tested the A6000,

almost half of them woulda checked out the back button

focus [cuz it's so useful] and ALL of those woulda changed

batteries [cuz it's sooo necessary] and AT LEAST one of

those testers also woulda been checking out the MR mode 

[cuz it's so cool]. That user woulda then started wondering

why the back button focus sometimes disappears and, as

a beta participant, been obliged to report that to Sony. 


So kudos to Sony for what appears to be a beta test run.




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