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When the nature and lens start to paint first...

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Congratulations. 99.9999% of "extreme bokeh" photos 

are just pointless exercises in "bokeh ! cuz I can" .... or 

"cuz my lens can". Yours is a uniquely singular, visually

stimulating application. You took some ordinary subject 

matter and worked it over, "built" a visual environment 

for it, too Again, congratulations !   


And I did take note of your adapted-lens rig. I use very  

similar gear ... 90/2.8 Sigma macro on a7II. There are 

mannnnnnny [too many] card carrying members of the 

"bokeh cult" who insist on an f/2 or 1.4 mid-long macro, 

and who will endlessly produce tedious visual drivel. 

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