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Necessary gear for outfitting A7SII for documentary run and gun?

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Hi All, 

I'm working to set up a (mostly solo) run and gun documentary setup with my A7SII that's currently only used for stills and wanted to reach out to see what things I should add to get it to a place that I can begin filming sizzle reels on my own. Below are two lists. One is of the things i do have and the other is a list of the things I think I'd need to invest in. In a perfect world I'd own an FS5 but I'm not at that place yet unfortunately.
I currently have: 
Camera: Sony A7SII
Lenses: Batis 25mm/f2; Zeiss 35mm/f2.8; Sony 24-70/f4; Sony 70-200/f4; Canon 24-70/f2.8+Metabones
Audio: Zoom H6 Recorder; Sennheiser EWP112P G3-A wireless lav; Oscar Soundtech lav mic
Here is what I feel like I should get to have a more complete solo run and gun setup: 
Sony XLR-K2m XLR Adapter: $600
Canon 24-105/f4 mii: $1100 (is the mark ii that much better?)
Tiffen Variable ND filter: $150
Cinema Cage: open to suggestions on brands
Monopod: open to suggestions on brands/models
External Monitor: not sure if I need this or not but open to suggestions
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the 24-105mm will be great, I think. in documentary shooting you can't waste time changing too many lenses. and also you can switch between 35mm full frame and APS-C modes to improve the lens range if you are shooting in HD.
I suggest to look at the tilta cage es-t17 with the side handle. manfroto's monopods is great. and I don't think you necessarily need an external monitor for this kind of run and gun shot.
best regards,


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There are so many ways to kit out the a7S II, and this really varies on your style of shooting!


I've kitted out our a7S II with the Varavon Zeus cage, Shoot35 Universal Base Plate & CineFocus Pro, along with an Indiprotools V-Mount plate.


The cage & top handle allow building accessories as needed, the base plate for 15mm attachments (like follow focus, matte box, etc). and the V-Mount batteries allow for full-day shooting.


Have a look at the Blackmagic Video Assist 4K for a low-cost monitor-recorder option. Shooting Pro-res really helps when you're looking to build an optimized post workflow (if you can handle the data). Atomos Ninja/Shogun are obviously a go-to option as well.


If you're able to invest, I'd place my money into a 15mm LWS system and matte box with a 4x5.65" filter set. In the long run, all these accessories are expandable, and will serve you well beyond the lifespan of your a7S!

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