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SONY SF-G Series UHS-II SD any improvement on an A7R2?

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Dear friends,


Been rather detached from the forum for many reasons, one being that I had no real problem with my Sony gear...


Nevertheless, lately, and "shooting" birds (in the kind way), I have found my A7R2 rather lazy when firing in the high speed mode; it will fire 5 shots at once, but then stop and even with the button pressed I have to wait for what it seems to be ages till it fires once more, and even then it will shoot when it decides, not when I want to.


My actual memory card is the Scandisk Extreme Pro 128 gb.


So my question is simple; will the newest and fastest Sony SF-G UHS-II solve my problem to an extent? I know that with such a short buffer and 42 + GB files, I can't expect it to improve much, but any improvement might be worthwhile...


Since I will be visiting the US by the end of July, it might be the best option to purchasing this new memory, but need to know before I leave Spain.


Thank you all and best regards,


Spanish Flyer

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