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Sony a850 Parts also been DISCONTINUED

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I already know about the model a850 has been stop produce, but I cannot understand why Sony had to stop producing the spare parts for a850 also.? It is not acceptable for the a850 users. I got 2 a850 and had use it almost 4 years since i bought it.


I was very dissapointed when i send my a850 to sony service to replace it with a new shutter box because my shutter count already reach the limits. They told me that the parts are no longer been produce because sony decided to stop it.


It is so not fair for us that use a850. Its like u buy a car and use it for 3 years only and then when u wanna change the parts they told u it cannot be fix because they stop producing spare parts already.


This is not a cheap camera and i already invest almost RM14000 for both bodies, and thinking that i can use it more longer until 10 years. I felt like be cheated.


Sony , you should have a good reason for this problem. I understand if u wanna move forward with the new technology but dont just left us at back like this. Spare parts should never be discontinued because u already got buyers and users of this model.


Till now, ive been stuck like this and cannot do my work because i dont have camera anymore. I support my family by being a photographer and without it, how i suppose to feed my family and continue working?


I really appreaciate if somebody cann tell me where i can get the spare parts/ the shutter box for a850 besides from Sony Centre? Please help me here.

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You may find that a third party repairer might either have parts stockpiled, or may have parts they have refurbished/restored/canibalized from other cameras. Runtime in Germany seem very good (they still do some upgrades to SSM for Dynax 9 cameras), while the Camera Repair Workshop in Milton Keynes is a good resource for UK-based photogs.

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First of all, manufacturers do not discontinue

production of parts. There is no production to 

discontinue. An entire lifespan of any model

may include only one initial production run, or

perhaps 2 or 3 runs. Spare parts and finished

cameras are produced in one big batch based

on anticipated demand. It's not uncommon to

buy a new, not yet discontinued, model of a

camera that was made when the camera was

introduced a few years earlier. 


When the competitiveness of a camera is no

longer what it once was, the camera will be

"discontinued" when there's just a very small

inventory remaining on hand. Production may

have ended years earlier. 


When the manufacturer no longer supports

that model, the remaining parts are usually

NOT discarded. Some shop buys the lot, and

the manufacturer in some cases will even be

happy to refer you to that shop for repairs. It

appears that Sony is kinda clueless about the

photo business in general, so there's quite a

risk that Sony has NOT done the "honorable

thing" about the remaining parts supply. 


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.............................................. ......... ... ......... 

I was very dissapointed when i send my a850 to sony service to

replace it with a new shutter box because my shutter count already

reach the limits. .........

............. ... ...... .. ... ...... .................  ... ....



Fortunately for you, you are laboring under a delusion. The

shutter count is not a death sentence, say like the mileage

on the timing belt in your car's engine. It's a marketing tool

and at best it is a grossly vague indicator or which cameras

are built for heavier use than others. There was no reason

to expect your camera to fail soon. just use it til it croaks, at

which time it will be quite obsolete and dicardable. You were

fortunate to buy two of them. Retain for parts the first one to

fail. When the second one needs some part that's already

been previously canabalized from the first-to-fail, you're way

overdue for a new camera, and will be more well informed

about how much to invest in a replacement, given that such   

devices cannot be maintained indefinitely, are not heirloom

trophies, but are merely computer peripheral devices. 


Once upon a time, one could buy a used Nikon F2 and use

it for 10 or even 20 years, especially if the usage is shared

across two bodies. The idea that this applies to digital gear

is just unthinkable. You were not cheated. Your expectation

was simply unrealistic. And again, your camera is not due

to die next week just because of some statistical count. Use

it and enjoy it. Stop worrying, and replace it wisely when the

time arrives.


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I love my A850~ A very special FF from what I can tell.


Seeing this news makes me worried. I don't know whether it is rational to purchsae critical parts (Shutters, LCD, etc) from 3rd party repair shop and in case you need them you stil have spares.


I have an A850 and planning not to utilized it that often by getting an A7 series body later on~=P


Btw, you're from Malaysia? XD

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