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Please help with using the Fotasy camera mount adapter.

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Hey everyone.  I may have originally posted this in the wrong forum.  I'm a new member with a new Sony a6000 that I really like.  Fantastic camera.  I recently purchased a Fotasy Canon FD adapter and a Fotasy Pentax M adapter to use on my a6000.  Now that I have them I am afraid to use them for fear of screwing up my camera.  Will someone Please tell me what settings to use in MENUE on the camera to use these adapters the right way so that I don't mess up the camera.  I know that the lenses are set manually, and that no data is transmitted to the camera, but I'm not sure what the camera settings should be set on.  I have a Pentax M 50mm f2.0 lens that I will be trying out  on the camera first.  Would really appreciate some help.  Thanks for your time in helping this newbie with the a6000.  :-)

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Done.  Thank you very much.  Do I set the camera on

manual or does it matter?  Thanks for your help.

A-mode and acoarst M-mode will behave normally. 

S-mode becomes M-mode, but the meter readout 

is useless or missing. P-mode becomes S-mode, 

with same caveat. 


If you aren't using the meter readouts, then except 

for A-mode, all others are alike [manual exposure]. 


All my remarks are based on manual ISO. I spoze

Auto ISO would work normally, but I never tried it. 

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Thank You very much.  


I shoulda mentioned that a possible reason for 

choosing amongst M, S, and P modes is that 

altho the convenience features of all three are 

so similar, there can be a personal preference 

issue about which dial controls what cuz this is 

something that changes from mode to mode. 


Example would be that in M-mode the rear dial

controls shutter speed and, for me, is too easily

re-dialed accidentally. But, in S or P modes the

upper dial controls shutter speeds. Acoarst that 

rear dial still controls something altho IIRC you 

can alter that in the custom menu. Anywho the 

modes also affect your control layout and since 

I'm not married to the internal light meter I find 

I prefer M or S mode with "dumb" adapters. If I 

do wanna inquire of the built-in meter, I'm more 

likely to click over to A-mode momentarily, just 

to see what shutter speed it's recommending. 

My AE-L is on "Hold" so I can also use A-mode 

as if it were a sort of M-mode. I recommend the 

"AE-L Hold" [no need to keep finger on button] 

in A-mode for users of "dumb" adapters. Try it ! 



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