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Using the FOTASY Canon FD & Pentax Camera mount adapter

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Hey everyone, you can tell I am a new member here with the Sony a6000.  I recently got two Fotasy adapters to use some Canon FD lenses and some Pentax M lenses from a Pentax ME Super on my new Sony a6000.  Now I am afraid to mount them because I am concerned that I will screw up my new a6000.  


Please someone tell me the settings in the Menu on the camera  to use on my a6000 so that I don't mess the camera up using these adapters.  I realize that the camera/lenses are set manually, but I am not sure about the process.  Do I put the camera on Manual and then set the lenses manually, or just how do i go about using these lenses with the adapters on my new a6000.


Thanks everyone for your help.  I am loving my new a6000 and want to get the most out it that I can.  



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