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Minolta Auto-Rokkor PF f1.8

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I bought this lens when looking for the later f1.7 version. However, I'm very happy with this lens and doubt whether the f1.7 version could be much better. It's now one of my favourite lenses. Here's a couple of shots taken at f1.8 and f2.8, with 100% crops. Camera used was A7rii with K&F Concept adapter. Great bokeh, and the lens is pretty sharp considering it's made pre 1966. Corners are good too, though obviously not apparent on these shots. If anyone is interested I'll post a couple of shots showing the corners. 




34227703293_64314e655a_b.jpgMinolta Auto-Rokkor PF f1.8@ f1.8 by Jon, on Flickr




34227710613_e909677b99_b.jpgMinolta Auto-Rokkor PF 55mm f1.8 @f2.8 by Jon, on Flickr



f1.8 100% crop


34194401014_b7eae7c173_b.jpgMinolta Auto-Rokkor PF f1.8@ F1.8 by Jon, on Flickr



f2.8 100% crop


34998194686_4127c69dbb_b.jpgMinolta Auto-Rokkor PF 55mm f1.8 @f2.8 by Jon, on Flickr

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