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Hello from Indonesia

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Hello all,


Love the site and like to share with all alpha users 


I'm from Surabaya, Indonesia and just been in love with photography


with my a6000 and some manual lenses i feel the excitement of taking picture  


Nice to meet all of you..


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    • Actually I am quite surprised already ... so much in these little packages these days I grew up with Sony docs literally since I was a kid cuz Mom did business with Sony and the engineers and techs in Japan were quite the group back then ... so I enjoy reading them   🙂 The professionally done tube shows are good no argument there, but have to pick and choose to not waste time And hey at least I enjoy reading user manuals ... my girlfriend in college enjoyed reading her absolutelyhuge
    • I don't know, but I'd be surprised if the RX has more to document than the A. And I'd be more surprised if you got anything useful out of the exercise of reading either. You'd get more from an hour of youtube watching.  
    • Well on the other end of the spectrum friends and family note "what the heck is that?" for the A (probably cuz its missing the SLR tent) and "awww it's so cute" for the RX (cuz well it kinda is). One buddy hid the RX in his hand and attempted to walk out with it   🙂   He has huge basketball hands, too funny. But you're right ... one gets stuck on a scope at night in the dark, one gets to go everywhere and gets all the attention.  Sounds just like relatives in real life.
    • More like distant relatives: cousins would at least share the same mount, siblings the same sensor size.
    • This was actually more of an experiment. It is very rare to see clear skies in my area. I grabbed the closest camera and shot these photos handheld. I didn't have time to setup a tripod, etc. I found it interesting to see the same moon in daytime and nighttime. Daytime Moon: Sony A6500, 70-350 mm lens at 350 mm, f/8, 1/2000 sec, ISO 800, handheld, file size reduced for web. Nighttime Moon: Sony A6500, 70-350 mm lens at 350 mm, f/8, 1/1600 sec, ISO 6400, handheld, file size reduced for
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