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Sony A7s II Stops Recording On Its Own Right After Hitting Record and at Random

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I purchased my A7s II about a month and a half ago from B&H and have had this problem from the beginning: the camera will stop recording on its own almost immediately after hitting the record button. It does this at random (most but not every time I record) and I'm not sure if it is a problem with the settings (doubtful) or if it's a defect in the camera. In the video, I am recording with the XAVC S HD format at 24p 50m. The viewfinder is off and the monitor is set to manual. The memory card I am using is the Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-1 64GB 95 MB/S Speed class 30 Card. Also, the A7s II does this with a full battery and a dying battery, so that isn't the issue either.


The trouble is, it is too late to exchange/return it with B&H and I have decided not to have it repaired under Sony's warranty after reading the horrendous reviews of Precision Camera Repair, who it seems is known for destroying cameras that they are supposed to repair. This is extremely frustrating and any help would be appreciated.






<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4oZVoP3o9pw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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It appears that you are using C3 to start recording… Does the camera behave the same way when you use the dedicated video record button ?

As a matter of fact, it doesn't... I think you may have just solved my problem. But why would customizing C3 to record cause this issue? The reason I changed it was because the original record button is in an awkward spot. I would like to use C3 if possible.

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Might i suggest using C1 or C2 for the Movie button and see if the same problem occurs, if it does then it may be a software bug. If it works fine with other buttons then maybe there is a hardware issue with the C3 button. I don't own one of these cameras but maybe some one who has one can try to see if they can replicate the issue,

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Might i suggest using C1 or C2 for the Movie button and see if the same problem occurs, if it does then it may be a software bug. If it works fine with other buttons then maybe there is a hardware issue with the C3 button. I don't own one of these cameras but maybe some one who has one can try to see if they can replicate the issue,

Okay, I tried that and I found out that my C1 and C2 buttons and the shutter button won't work at all, all of which are located at the top of the camera. However, when I use the battery grip, which has it's own shutter button, that works fine.

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Do you have the latest firmware ? If so, then I think its time to contact Sony about it.

Yes I do, and I did contact Sony. But, as I mentioned earlier, the reviews on Precision Repairs (the only company that will fix Sony cameras under warranty) are abysmal, with many reporting that their camera came back in worse condition than when they sent it in, as if they intentionally damage products to make more money off of repairs. Anyway, I don't consider that an option anymore.

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Hi Jarred,

I don't know if you will read this but I'm having exactly the same issue! The camera will turn off randomly, although it seems to happen more and more... It just started a day ago here in Thailand.. I wonderred if it had to do with the heat. But since I didn't get a heat warning and  the problem also occures now in my airconditioned hotelroom I really wonder.. did you finally solve the issue later on?  

I've been working with this camera for a month now in Holland and Kenia (I bought the body 2nd hand, working with Sigma S-mount to EF-adapter and Zeiss EF-super speed lenses). 

Hope you get to see this message!



Hans Bouma (on location in Thailand)


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hi hans bouma. Im having the same issue. so a month later I brought a new adaptor and it actually plays up differently now....you see, instead of it cutting out, now it just freezes for the first try of pressing record where I then have to turn it off and on again then it records fine. I have to keep doing this which isnt normal. I thought that this must be due to the adaptor but ever since you said that you use a zeiss lens and canon to EF its leads me to believing that the camera is just faulty as hell!!! :(.

did you end up solving this issue?

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