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External battery solution

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I'm looking for a portable external power solution so I can shoot extended periods on my A7Sii.



I've searched dummy battery power supplies - anyone know the reliability of these...?


Andoer NP-FW50 Fully Decocded DC Coupler Dummy Battery Adapter



Using a power supply like this that has DC output and can be strapped to a tripod:


Ultra Edition ® 8000mAh Black coloured portable power bank


Would this be a suitable solution?





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I have dummy batteries of varies Chinese brands and they all work the same. The trick is if they come with a voltage converter (not sure what they call this) which is great if you don’t have a power supply that can pump out the necessary voltage. I bought a 5v to 9v coupler and basically I can attach on any of the USB power banks and work fine.



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