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Fotodiox Adapter poor results and crazy flaring

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I am sending this adapter back soon. Nothing focuses quickly, if at all. I'm using this with an A7R2 and have tried AF-S and AF-C using the big center point and phase detection which is the best chance of success from my understanding. A few Canon lenses like the 24-70 f2.8 II and 100mm IS macro work, but not quickly.


I shot a few images on Sunday looking towards to the sun general and the flaring is terrible. Both these rainbow waves as well as this white laser beam as in this example. This was with a 35 Art at f/16 using the Fotodiox.


Not a great shot but it shows the problems.  I need to get LR working with these RAW files but I haven't switched from LR5.7 yet so this is just a JPEG.




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Thaz a very saleable image !  


But I do see your point ....   


The rainbows are the optics, 

but I suspect that the laser

beam is a light leak :-(  The

four dots in the lower left are

a weird thing, prolly four lens 

elements each sending its 

own reflection-of-a-reflection 

of the exit pupil off the glass 

pack in front of the sensor. 




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The rainbow was weird and I agree the laser beam is light leak. Again, not happy with the Fotodiox. I just got a Sigma MC-11 and will start using that. Better build and seal. Also better performance.


Here was an image that didn't show the issues. Just some more traditional flare, which I don't mind. I thought this image turned out pretty nice although the sky is a little boring without any clouds for drama.


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