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Doubling up adapters

Studio G

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This is kind of a silly post, I'm just reporting a finding.


I'm adapting m42 lenses to my a6500, and had the "brilliant" idea of using a chipped Fotodiox m42 to Canon EF adapter and then putting that on a Commlite EF to E adapter. This way I can program the chip to report the focal length (100mm) and have the a6500 automatically use the correct Optical Steady Shot setting.


But even though the EXIF data reports 100mm in my raw files, the OSS does not kick in at all, unless I put the OSS adjustment on manual. Strange...


I swapped the Commlite for a Vello "Accelerator" focal-reducing EF to E adapter and wouldn't you know it, OSS automatically kicks in with the correct setting (70mm in this case).


So I wonder what is preventing the OSS from working with the Commlite-Fotodiox combo? And I wonder why they don't make m42 to E-mount adapters with chips? (I know we don't need focus confirmation, but it's nice to have relevant EXIF data and auto OSS.)



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No problm with the concept, but if you combine two 

really cheap adapters, the alignment errors may be 

adding to each other or canceling each other ... or 

who knows. Also, cheap adapters are generally just 

a bit short, and combining two will double that error, 

altho thaz still rather harmless.  


IOW, stick to better adapters if you're stacking them. 

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Guest Jaf-Photo

The most obvious explanation is that the firmware of these smart adapters aren't working together. They're budget adapters so the firmware is probably less developed. Both Commlite and Fotodiox adapters are known to have issues. Even the OEM adaters have glitches.

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