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Atomos Ninja Inferno vs Shogun Flame for A7 cameras


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I was planning on purchasing a Shogun Flame for the my A7RII before I heard of the new release of the Ninja Inferno, they both supply the XLR Phantom power I was looking to add my my recorder (why ninja flame wasnt an option)

From what I can see the biggest difference is that the Shogun has a SDI input and output and the Ninja can record up to 60FPS at 4K, neither of which seem apply to the A7RII but I guess would depend on which of the two is more useful for future projects with different cameras. Is there anything I'm not taking into account for us A series users? 

I also read today by a B&H staff member that this device shoots 4K 60fps on the sony A7SII however this seems unlikely, but if anyone has any information would be great to hear it. 

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A Shogun is higher then a Ninja right? However we are talking about chronological releases and appendix or reasons to switch from one model to another?


You want the Shogun Flame ( whatever it is called unless mistaken ). Because of the extra output

A Raw to ProRes/DNxHR recording for specific cameras ( including Sony ).


The Ninja flame is not as light as it once was ( original release ) and is lacking features of the Shogun


Both are touch screen only? However I am not too sure about battery power

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