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New A7's on the way?

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I am a little disappointed that the body isn't a little larger and better built.  I'm not sure an A9r makes sense at this point.  I'm not even sure why this camera is called an A9 instead of the A7III.  They took the A7II and added a second card slot, a new 24MP sensor with faster AF and frame rate and an Ethernet and PC sync port. 


I need to wait for some serious reviews and probably the first real firmware update to really decide if I will dig that deep into my pockets for a really fast A7 camera.  That AF is very tempting.

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a7Rii is 10% off in the US. LA-EA3&4 are both $50 off too. Sure smells like pre new model introduction old inventory clearance.


PCA - There's considerably more to the a9 sensor, things like 693 pdaf points and local memory that enables a 20x increase in throughput. The electronic shutter that tames rolling shutter effects and runs at 1/32000 is spectacular too. For size, why should it be bigger? The a7 and a9 series are getting down close to the size of the rangefinders and slrs I used as a kid. DSLR bloat is recent and seems more a bug than a feature. The a9 deserves a model number of its own. It is the dawn of the electronic camera era, mirrors and mechanical systems are approaching end of life.


Stabilization through switching sensor pixel readouts has to be in the works. And, if the engineers can figure out how to make the diodes in cmos sensors focus we can get shed of those pesky glass lenses too. But that's a little further off.

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