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Recording error - white blocks appearing on video

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Hi. Anybody know how to stop this happening when recording on a Sony a7sii?


Shooting XAVC S 4K, 25P 60M, Shutter 1/50 


Every few minutes throughout the recording white blocks appear for over the image for one frame.





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    • By Emroses
      I accidentally got my Sony A7Sii stuck shooting in slow motion and can’t get it out. I have tried everything!!
    • By Dbui2
      Tried to search the www and here for this but couldn't really find any info regarding the 3 series A7 bodies.
      Problem is the following: when I hit the record button on my A7RIII in 4k/100M mode, the Feelworld F570 external monitor via HDMI goes black. 4k HDMI output is set to 24fps as the F570 doesn't handle 60fps. I can see the HDMI output on the monitor until hitting record and can also play back 4k files and see them on the F570 but have no live picture during 4k recording.
      1080p is fine at all fps levels.

      I have tried:
      - setting HDMI resolution to auto, 2160/1080p, 1080p and 1080i
      - using different HDMI cables with different data transfer ratings
      - 30p and 24p 60M modes
      - changing gamma assist mode or turning it off
      - going through the menu of the A7R3
      - going through the menu of the F570 multiple times
      with no success.

      Sony manual claims the following by HDMI settings:
      "* Images will not appear on the monitor of the camera if you record movies while the camera is connected to and HDMI device with file format set to XAVC S 4K" but actually the monitor of the camera displays what I'm recording HDMI doesn't.

      I'm totally out of options here, anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks in advance!
    • By Manny
      Hi guys,
      New to the group, recently created this low light test, thought it might be useful for you guys. What do we think?

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      I've been having a problem when recording with my Sony A6300.
      The problem is that every time I start recording, it automatically stops at the 20th second.  I've tried to change the settings and see if the problem has to do with that but no, I even bought Sony's sd xc I U3 64GB
       memory card and nothing has changed. I would like to know if somebody else has this problem and how it can be fixed.
    • By b_funk
      I've been shooting a doc on the a7sii. WB is always set to manual, either incandescent or a kelvin setting. However, at times I'm noticing a strange "strobing" color shift in the footage and it's driving me crazy.
      You can view a 4k sample here: https://bit.ly/2tO5dQh
      The first clip in the above video is at 1600, the record player shot may be 3200. Picture Profile 7. High ISO NR was off I believe, but that should not kick in at 1600, right? It's mostly in the shadows and will switch back and forth a frame at a time ... but only sometimes.
      Anyone experienced this before?