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Should my pictures look like this??

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I've been having problems with the clarity/ quality of the pictures that my a6000 produces.


The pictures that the camera takes doesn't appear to me to be of high quality, not very clear/ sharp. In fact the pictures often look worse than those taken by my Samsung galaxy S6.


To test the camera I initialised it, resetting it back to its factory setting. I then used a tripod and the playmemories control function in the app so act as a remote shutter, to completely eliminate camera shake. I used the auto mode to take some test pics but the quality of the pictures did not impore.


The pictures were saved automatically onto my phone in 'original size' via the playmemories app, where I uploaded them to flicker via the flicker app.


Please can you take a look at this image and it stats and let me know, all things given, if the imagine should be of better quality for this camera.




Also I'm using the kit lense.

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It's hard to say. Even set on Auto, the setting I saw on Flicker didn't show anything which would lower the quality.


The only thing noticeable is their size. While I see Flicker allows a full download, the way they're being displayed on Flicker automatically shrinks them.


If you really want to make them shine they need to be edited. There you can increase the size and alter the color.

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Considering the limitations of online viewing, 

your pix look just fine for uneditted files. The 

extreme pixelation prevents any decent job 

of image enhancement, but nevertheless it 

can help a little bit, as shown here. This is a 

3-minute job:  


Welcome, dear visitor! As registered member you'd see an image here…

Simply register for free here – We are always happy to welcome new members!



Do not upgrade your kit lens. That will get you

nowhere at your current stage of development. 

That will come soon enuf, but first things first :-) 

Better to clarify your processing situation before  

considering any new hardware items. 






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I see a few problems:


1) first things first, you didn't upload to flickr full ("original size") pictures, they're 1600 pixel wide instead of 6000. If you're judging them at this resolution obviously they will look like crap. Besides, you should not judge them on flickr (that compresses the hell out of your files, regardless of your settings), but on your computer, after you've color calibrated your screen (an easy and cheap thing to do these days. I can wholeheartedly recommend the basic ColorMunki for this task)


2) the light was horrible and very contrasty, so all the camera could do on Auto was to properly expose for the shadows and let the highlights blow up. This is a limitation of every sensor or film out there, you just have to learn how to manage the wiggle room your particular camera has ("dynamic range")


3) jpgs are generally softer than raw; you can improve this somewhat pushing a bit the sharpness in the settings of the Picture style you're using


4) yes the kit lens is well known to be quite soft, but you should still, using it correctly (i.e. stopped down a bit, avoiding both full aperture and really closed values like f/22), see quite an improvement compared to your phone


5) lastly, and this is really just a corollary of 2), magic bullets do not exist. No matter what camera are you shooting with and how expensive it is, when the light isn't good the results will be bad. There's no amount of post-processing that can change this, at least until what you're producing is no longer a picture but "graphic art"

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Although I don't have any answers for you, I too am having the same problem with an a68 I just bought. I'm waiting for my thread to be posted and hopefully get some answers.

Just thought you might like to know your not alone.

One thing I was wondering is if anyone else had this problem. I know it can't be all my lenses with the same problem so I'm assuming it's the camera.

Good luck and I'm keeping an eye on your post.


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