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Sony a6300 Live Video Stream


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Hi Sony Alpha Forum!


I purchased a Sony a6300 a few weeks back, its a great little camera.


I have had a request about live streaming. I said i would look into it but I actually couldn't find a definitive answer online!


My question is "Is it possible to set up the Sony a6300 for live stream (Facebook, YouTube etc) and if so what software and hardware would I need to make this possible. I also want to connect an audio feed so the audio quality is straight from the PA rather than external camera mic".


Thanks in advance!



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It's very difficult to say.


It really depends on your PC. It all comes down to finding the correct program.


What exactly will you be recording? Yourself sitting at home? Yourself at an event?


Keep in mind that 99.999% of all streaming services will automatically recompress your a6300 video so you won't be able to a see a difference in quality.

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