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Sony Alpha a6500 Firmware Update Suggestions


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Hey everyone, just made this topic for people to post suggestions as to what they think would be good changes to include in a future firmware update for the Sony a6500.

I'll kick it off by linking this video here, which makes some valid points and suggestions, most of which make a lot of sense and would be very helpful: 


Suggest away...

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After many tests : 


1) improve IBIS.  IBIS is not at all great especially for video.  I tried a6300 with both the lens kit 16-50 and  the 18-105 (IS on, on both lenses). Then I tried the same lenses at a6500.  NO DIFEERENCE at all. At least in video shooting. 


2) Improve low light performance (especially the noise reduction algorithms). You told us that there is a new CPU processor in this camera. But low light performance has no difference from sony a6300.


3) In video mode, let us see (in a sqaure on screen) where we focus when using the touch screen focus. Touch screen options need some improvements. Cheaper cameras have better functions.


4) An option to use shutter button as video record button when in video mode (but i think this is impossible due to electronics design internaly).


5) Ok,  I know now that  this is perhaps TOOOO MUCH, but it could be nice if we had 4k 50/60 fps recording even for a limited time of 5 or 10 minitues.  B) B) B) B) B) B) B)

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I have a few suggestions as a videographer:



1) Touch screen functionality

Why no tap to focus?!?!?! This needs to be implemented ASAP.

Makes no sense to just move focus point and not focus (current implementation in AF-S)


2) AF-S mode in Movie mode.

Seems simple enough!  This seems even easier than AF-C mode, why isn't it allowed...

Should also enable AF change DURING recording so we can tap to change focus while recording.

Like AF-C except once it focuses it stays (during recording) and doesn't hunt.


3) AF Touch enabled in Manual Focus mode.

I use this all the time with Panasonic Cameras, it is very useful.

It is kind of like AF-S touch to focus, makes it easy to get the AF on point then you can adjust manually after.

Like DMF but I really like Panasonic's method, it is very easy to use and very fast.

Why does my Panasonic G7 feel faster to AF!!! I touch and it focuses very snappily even in manual mode.

With A6500 focusing is a chore if you want to just lock focus.


4) Allow screen to remain on while recording 4K and output over HDMI.

I understand there might be CPU limitations for 4K output, but how about a setting to allow screen to be on and only output 1080p (Even if recording 4K).

This is for us videographers that want to use a monitor and the built in screen for focusing / framing.


That's it for now.  I have found myself reaching for my G7 instead because the focusing makes more sense.

I really want to use my A6500 because the AF-C is really good, but for other locked off or slider shots, the focusing ergonomics in movie mode is too painful (only AF-C and full MF).

G7 I can just tap to focus and hit record.  A6500 I have to either full time MF and check focus, or use AF-C and then switch to MF, or use Stills mode.  IF I could just tap to focus in MF mode in movie mode it would be so much easier.

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That video record button is about as useless as they come. A firmware switch to allow the shutter button to trigger recording on/off has been brought up in the past for the 6000/6300.  I'm still waiting.


Not sure if this helps, but in the menu you can assign video recording to start with either the C1 or C2 buttons (custom 1 or custom 2) which are much better positioned on the body, the only downside of this being that you use up and lose one of your custom buttons in the process.

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Hi together,


For "Auto Review" i would like to see not just 2 Seconds and more. 1 second would be great.


I look at the review, see, that i want to change a setting, press the Fn-button, but because it is still showing the review,

the camera is switching into playback-mode. That's annoying. And it's so easy to add the 1 second option.






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