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    • By graniteinlo
      I want to switch to a full frame camera and Fuji doesn't offer one. I am looking at the Sony A7 and need a 24-120 (or similar) F4 lens to use when I travel. The Sony lenses are a bit pricey for me and I want your opinions on Tokina, Sigma, and Tamron in this focal range. If you have any experience with these lenses please comment with your recommendations.
    • By Black
      Hello there, i am a new member of this forum. Just wondering if anyone can give me a suggestion. I tested my Sony a7ii with MF Canon FDn 500mm f/4.5 L lens, mounted on a CF tripod (Sirui N-2204), steady shot set at 500mm then shot on and off both mode, shutter speed around 1/800 to 1/1500 but can not get a sharp image. I even can see on the magnified LCD (without touching anything) the picture is not stable, kind of vibrating. Is it camera problem or Tripod? Please help me.Thank you.
    • By konzty
      A couple of weeks ago I went for an afternoon walk in the forest.
      I'm so happy that I was able to adapt my old Canon 70-200 f4L to my Alpha 7 II ...
      "Autumn Forest":

    • By scinkk
      Autumn foggy morning in Czech mountains
      SONY a6000 + SEL1018/f4

    • By Yeti
      A question haunting me: The Sony A7 Mk II offers 24mb resolution. I shoots birds and butterflies; even with a 400mm lens, very often I end up cropping the FF image to APS-C size or smaller; often I shoot in APS-C mode for 'perceived reach' that gets me a 10mb image file. How would that compare with using say the APS-C size Canon 80D (also 24mb)? Here I would have a non cropped 24mb file as compared with a similar Sony A7 cropped image which would be a 10mb file. Which would offer better image quality for making prints of size 20x30 inches?
      Thanks so much!