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In Turmoil! Upgrading Sony a350 to ???

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Good evening from Bristol in the UK,


I currently have an a350 along with a Tamron 16-300mm lense which has been great for Marcross, landscape, and portrait shots.


I am an amature photographer, as I have been made redundant, I am looking to upgrade my camera and spend more time on Photography.


 There is so.much choice out there my head is spinning! After plenty of reading, and talking to people my decision is (I think!) Between the Sony a7ii or Sony a7rii along with the 24-240 sony lense?....which (again, I think! Is the nearest equivalent replacement to my current Tamron)..


Thinking the A7ii as although there is technically more aspects to the R, there price difference is quite big and I can save quite a bit? Around £600...


Or another alternative is to stick with a mount to retain my current lenses and get a cheaper Sony such as A77ii........


Any experience, or view that may help me decide appreciated!

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This is my first ever post on this forum.


I’ve been searching for a good photography forum for years but haven’t found one. Why? Because I’m lynched by as a “Sony fan boy” even though the subject at hand was about photography in general and not brand specific.


I’ve been on machine gun forums that were friendlier. (not kidding)


Many of my friends are die hard Nikon or Canon users. That’s fine. The each their own. People should use whatever equipment suits their needs best.


I’m actually surprised by the responses. I agree 100%! I too chose to upgrade to the A77ii and have been extremely happy with my decision over the A7 series.


Why? I guess it depends what type of photography you’re doing. There were several unique features on the A77ii. The single biggest one was FAST FOCUSING! There is no second place. It’s truly in a class all of its own.

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Did you decide on a replacement camera for your A350?


My two cents...I purchased an A350 in 2008. At the time I had a Canon 5D and Canon 50D. Thinking how much I enjoyed and used a Sony DSC-R1, I thought that I would give Sony a try with one of their Alpha cameras. As it turned out, the A350, though a darn nice camera, did not give me a compelling reason to give up on Canon. Then in 2012 I tried the NEX-7. Some 60,000 shots later, I still find it wonderful to use. I became hooked on the mirrorless concept. I did purchase an A6000 and waited for Sony to release more lenses. Sony has been disappointingly slow getting better lenses for the NEX mount cameras. I decided the lens selection would be better for the A7 cameras and made the plunge.


I sold my Canon equipment (except for a 50D) when I got used to using the A7 and then the A7rii. I can't give an opinion on the A77ii, since I haven't used it; however, the full frame Sony mirrorless cameras get me smiling every time that I use them. If you do (or have already) purchased an A7ii or A7rii, then I think you'll find those cameras are fantastic (um, they should be for the price). The only thing that I would ask of Sony is a full frame mirrorless camera that has the focusing speed of the Sony A6300 or A6500.

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