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Studio flash for freezing movement

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Greetings to you all. I am just an amateur photographer who really like shooting dance events. Till now i struggled with poor lighting and manual focus but thanks to low light capabilities of a7s i have manage to achieve some decent photos. Now i have the oportunity to create images with dancers inside dance schools which is a different beast of its own cause i have only a small experience in studio photography through a workshop. My ultimate goal is to create dance portraits. I am not going to shoot a choreochraphy but together with every dancer will shoot single poses and jumps and I know that to be able to freeze movement without any blur i need a flash duration of at least 1/2000. I only have an old nikon sb24 strobe with Yongnuo YN-622 system that works just ok but i am planning to buy more powerfull flash heads. I have seen the broncolor,profoto, einstain (not in europe),elinchrome studio flash heads but its too expensive especially the ones with short flash duration in full power. So i was looking at the Godox ad600 system which is very portable and well priced and can do Hss which I guess is very usefull for dance photography. I will be using black backdrop paper and I can also kill most of the ambient light in dance studio. Lenses to be used is samyang 85mm and nikon 50mm. Is it doable to work with only one flash head and my strobe as fill or with reflectors for a start? I know that I have many things to learn and technical skills to master but I really like working with dancers. What would you pros recommend and advice a newbie like me ?


Thank you.

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