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ALPHA A57 problems

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I had my a57 for just over 2 years. I bought it to take some sports pictures. I love the speed.

However, as a more occasional user, the controls are not all that intuitive, so I probably didn't use the camera as much as I would have, if it was easier.

When I recently wanted to use it again (it had been put away for at least 6 months), it came up with the screen where you have to enter the date. However, my cursor and OK buttons are not working!

I can take pictures if I select a different shooting mode and press the trigger, but I cannot change any of the settings.

Obvious it is pretty much useless like this. I did an online life chat where they walked me through a factory reset (remove battery, turn camera on, press shutter for 30 seconds) but this did not help. After that they referred me to a website where I can schedule non warranty repair...

Well, the evaluation alone is $200! not sure I want to spend that for a camera that is worth little more and who knows what the final bill would be.

I just opened the camera up to verify that the cable that connects the buttons of the housing with the main body... looked all OK, pulled it off once and put it back in...


Just wanted to see if anybody else had similar problems, or if somebody has any suggestions...




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Sounds like the clock battery died. 


I think the regular battery supplements the clock battery,

such that in a neglected camera, after the charge fades

out of the main bettery, the drain on the clock battery will

increase and shortern its life. IOW the clock battery is in

back up mode when the camera sees regular use, but is

the sole battery in s dormant camera.


Whether my assumption about backup function is or is

not valid, it still sounds like the clock battery died. If it's

only 2 years old, thaz an early demise ... thus my feeling

that it died young cuz it spent too much time serving as

the sole battery.  


Clock batteries are usually somewhere in the base plate,

requiring a mini screwdriver.

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Not got that problem Have 2 A57s sitting with stuck

shutters dont know if its worthwhile repairing 


The a57 is a price point model, not likely designed

to be repaired for less than buying a replacement. 


It is a kinda weird roll of the dice that you have two

of them with the very same failure ....

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Not got that problem Have 2 A57s sitting with stuck shutters dont know if its worthwhile repairing 

Hei, i will offer you $20 for one of them... maybe I can get mine going...

But $20 is all i am willing to risk... (well, OK I pay you $40 with shipping) I will just use the back portion of it with all the buttons and the display...

set it up on e-may and send me the link if you want to do it...

20 bucks for you and a glimmer of hope for me :-)

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