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A6300 / SEL 50 1.8 & Samyang 85 F1.4 Portrait

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    • By Makeev
      Penza City Lights on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v 

      Shot from 2014 to 2017 on Sony A6300 / A7s / A77v / and few scenes on BMPC 4K / Panasonic GH5
      Moon shot on Sony A6300 + Russian MTO 1000mm f8 and Sony 30mm for stars background.
    • By Romeo Bravo Photo
      Hello All,
      Here are some shots I took a while ago, but just found...
      All shot with an a7R II and the Sony Sonnar T* 135mm f/1.8 ZA - I really miss that lens!
      Model: Audrey McDermot
      Photo by Rick Birt of www.romeobravophoto.com

    • By Wolfzone
      Most unfortunately I may need to return my Sony a6300 that I recently acquired. I notice a distinct tilt of my images when using the EVP (also when I upload them) but images are straight/level when I view them on the LCD screen. I'm a committed EVP lover so this is highly disappointing to me. I actually purchased another a6300 and had to return it to Sony for this issue and this camera (another a6300) was a replacement. Has anyone experienced this issue? So disappointed. Thanks much. 
    • By Ilya
      V by Ilya Artemiev, on Flickr
      Sony a7rII + Jupiter-8 50mm f/2.0 (Юпитер-8)
    • By Alejandro Espeche
      I made these pictures with the A6300 and a Batis 85 using strobist techniques (two speedlights yongnuos with Nikon triggers)