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Sony a6300 with commlite EF to NEX(E) adapter issues.


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  ​I have just received my Sony a6300 in the post. I have swapped over from a Canon 700d so I have all canon lens'. I decided to buy a commlite EF to NEX(E) adapter to fit all of my current lens' on the Sony a6300.

  First I tried my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens' which refuses to focus, on startup the focus motor runs from macro all the way to infinity then refuses to focus at all on half shutter. I have changed between phase detection and contrast detection, then between wide and center focus zones, still nothing. Some of the focus modes are even grayed out like DMF and Auto because the lens is not compatible however I have seen this lens working with the same adapter with other Sony a6300 cameras. I have also updated the firmware which made 0 difference.

  Next I tried my Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM which refused to focus using phase detection and kept jumping about, but worked much like the Canon 700d in live view when using contrast detection. It focused very slowly but worked nonetheless. The same was true with the Canon 18-55mm STM IS kit lens.

 I did purchase this adapter through Amazon warehouse deals but there was no mention of focus issues only minor cosmetic defects, but the adapter was flawless when I received it. I cannot see this being an issue as it allows the aperture to be changed and it focuses on some lens' but I just cannot understand why it will not work on the Sigma lens when I have seen it working perfectly on other Sony a6300 with the same adapter.

  Am I doing anything wrong? Is there anything to help this or am I just stuck to manual focus with this adapter?


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