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synchronising picture on A7Smk2 and Canon 5D mk3

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Hi all,

I have a wedding shoot tomorrow, video, and I'll be using my Canon 5D mk3 on a tripod to get the wides, and my Sony A7S mk2 handheld for close-ups.


As I don't have much experience of picture profiles and LUTs on the Sony, does anybody have any shortcuts to help me get both the pictures looking similar in colour pallet?


I have the Canon set to a version of neutral, (0 sharpness; -4 contrast; -4 saturation; colour tone 0) and this me a very beautiful image that can be graded easily.


Is there anybody with experience of using both cameras for video work, who can suggest a setting for the Sony so the two images look similar? I find the Sony image is cooler and more contrasty.


Any suggestions very welcome!

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Not really familiar but since you know the Canon controls better

than you know the Sony controls, maybe try NOT altering the

Sony and re-do the Canon, with whose controls you're familiar,  

to make the Canon match the Sony.  


Regardless of your feeling that the Sony is running a bit cool

and contrasty, if it's saleable, let the Sony's video rendering be

the default for this one job and just adjust the Canon to match

to match the Sony, since you speak fluent Canonese.

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