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A7ii tethered on Android Tablet Sony z4

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I have a question about my A7ii. (or a6300) ;)


Is it possible to shoot tethered from my Sony directly to my Sony z4 Tablet.


I have allready tried Play memories, but the picture transfer is realy slow and the liveview is also not the fastest ;)

I want a quick way to Check my Photos on location without carrying my Laptop.



I would like to have a wired solution for this problem.


Also is there a good way to use the z4 as Video Monitor? So i don't have to buy a Atomos or the CLM-FHD5. :D


Thanks in advance.



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1. There is a sony app, but astonishingly it does not offer live view, only controls while tethered. I'm honestly not sure what Sony was thinking with this, to me this is insane.


2. There is a phase one version just for Sony that is free. This DOES have live view, but I found the app arduous for what I was trying to do at the time. I believe that was at least one version behind and they've made improvements since then. I'll try again and let you know.

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