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For under 300 USD, this lens is amazing. I get about equal or better IQ than the 450 dollar e-mount kit lens and 2 additional stops of light at the long end (about 1 and 2/3 at the wide end). It's a screw drive a-mount, which I have an LA-EA4 adapter for in the mail tomorrow. It's currently MF only on an LA-EA3 on my a7ii, much much lighter and way sharper than my Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 (which I paid 500 for), and I'm just hoping the AF is going to be good enough to take it to a wedding I have on Saturday.


If anyone is interested, I can post some comparison pics. It would also be a good opportunity to test out a new softbox (80cm x 80cm square gridded).

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Many 28-70 were great. Also 28-105. It seems

as if the push to get 24 on the wide end was a

fall from grace for midrange zooms. You got 5

extra mm on the long end, where it's harmless.  

With such a lens, using the SLT AF adapter, I

strongly recommend using the AF Microadjust

feature. It's usually worth it !  





I have a Tokina ATX 28-70/2.8, reputed to be

the least desirable of old fast midranges. If my

lens is [pun alert!] the bottom of the barrel, the

better ones must all be quite terrific. FWIW my

"least desirable" member of the tribe happens

to also be the smallest .... I find that desirable.  


I posted about it, with pix, earlier in this forum: 



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Here are the tests between the kit, Sigma, and Tamron that I have. It's pretty unscientific, but I think the results are fairly clear.


Sony FE SEL2870 (kit lens) @ 70mm f/5.6




Sony 100% crop




Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM @ 70mm f/5.6




Sigma 100% crop




Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD @ 75mm f/5.6




Tamron 100% crop





Conclusion: Sony has the best light transmission and excellent center sharpness, but with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 at full zoom leaves it struggling to focus in lower lighting conditions. The Tamron is weaker in light transmission, but also has a tiny bit of extra zoom reach and is just as sharp as the Sony, with the addition of a maximum fixed aperture of f/2.8. The Sigma is very quiet when focusing (not loud like the Tamron), but it has the worst sharpness of all three and is the heaviest of the bunch (and most expensive).


Sony's kit lens is a winner in the price war, because the Tamron is a screw drive and needs an La-ea4 adapter to work (or an a mount camera). Tamron kicks butt for under 300 bucks for the lens itself and over a decade old. Sigma is... disappointing at best. It's quiet, good for video?

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Just had some free time and gave the Tamron another whirl on an a7rii. Cat was almost cooperative.


Tamron @ 75mm f/2.8





100% crop




Tamron @ 75mm f/5.6




100% crop





I adore the image quality out of this tiny little sub-300 USD lens, but I really must sell it. Anyone have a good home for this and an LA-EA4?

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I am comparing the Tamron 28-75 F2.8 with the Sony Zeiss 24-70mm SSM lens. I have an A6000 and would buy a LA-EA5 to make this work. I know Zeiss are expensive, but ebay has some for under $400. Any thoughts on which one I should get? 

Also, with the LA-EA5, will these lenses do phase-detection AF?





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On 11/17/2020 at 6:01 AM, mailash said:


I am comparing the Tamron 28-75 F2.8 with the Sony Zeiss 24-70mm SSM lens. I have an A6000 and would buy a LA-EA5 to make this work. I know Zeiss are expensive, but ebay has some for under $400. Any thoughts on which one I should get? 

Also, with the LA-EA5, will these lenses do phase-detection AF?





There are 2 things that you need to take into account. According to what you say, you have an APS-C e-mount A6000 and you would want to

1- Buy a 300 USD LAEA-5 adapter

2- Buy a DSLR full frame lens of 400 USD

Well I think you make multiple mistakes here.

The first one being that the LAEA-5 won't bring you no advantage against a LAEA-3 on your A6000 body

Second would be, why would you use FF 24mm or 28mm  which would give you an equivalent of 36mm to 42mm field of view ? And moreover they are heavy DSLR FF lenses.

You would shell out loads of money that you could put in a good native e-mount lens being FF or APS-C... Just my 2 cents but seems to me to be a really bad move. And keep in mind A6000 won't take any advantage of Sony LAEA-5 adapter expecially not AFing with Minolta AF lenses.


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    • Hi there. I have a similar issue with my ZV1, I think? It's annoying - to the point where I'm wondering if I a have a fault with my device and am considering returning it under warrantee. I use it to film yoga instructional videos. They are sometimes 90 minutes long. I know that inorder to run for this length of time, the camera needs to be plugged into the mains. So I plug the camera into the mains and double check that the mains charge is showing - the battery icon confirms this : it has a little plug symbol beside it. So - I should be good to go. However.  The camera still turns off after an hour or so, saying the battery is flat. Interrupting the filming. Which ruins the whole video. At that point, if I go back to the camera now its battery is flat and pull out the charging cable from the mains and put it back in again, I can continue recording for 90 minutes plus as required. My issue is: the Sony ZV1 is not using the mains while the battery is charged. It continues to run on battery power. Then switches itself off (infuriatingly). And then - only at that point when I plug it in again and turn it on again does it start using the mains as it's power source. I'm 99% sure this is what is taking place but still on a learning curve are trying many workarounds this problem... not of which have been successful yet. I'd really appreciate some help with this. The next thing I'm going to check is deliberately flattening the battery before I start filming. But this seems a clumsy workaround. Otherwise - absolutely loving this camera! A huge improvement on my old camera. But only if I can RELY on it! Best wishes Frances  
    • From direct comparison on an American site and from what I can tell from reviews, it looks like the Tamron F2.8 SP Di USD will be my choice over the Sony. The optics appear to be very similar, but the Tamron's USD focussing appears to be quieter and as quick (although not as accurate in low light). So the main factors for me are: Apparently the Sony was optimised for cropped sensor, although advertised for use with full frame as well.  Weather sealing (Yes on the Tamron, no on the Sony) and the colour of the body is more discreet - and, of course, it's £100 cheaper. If the Sony SSM II was in my budget, that would be a different story. Anyway, when I've taken the plunge I'll let you know if I'm happy with the choice!
    • Just an update to this, I have updated to firmware 1.02, but I get still get the 2nd base ISO at 10000. It seems that I have the only A7Siii in the world that does this😬😬
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