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Spring flowers with legacy glass & A7II

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First two with Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 CF, remaining with Tamron 90mm f/2.5 52B all on A7II.


Anthemis cretica


Prunus avium






Listera Ovata

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    • By SonyTrinitron
      I have a Alpha 7 II. The original instructions said to install the Sony PlayMemories mobile app to control the camera on the phone. But I installed the newer Sony Imaging Edge Mobile on the phone. I can connect to the phone to the camera fine using NFC.
      The problem is, the Imaging Edge Mobile app does not have all the bells and whistles shown in the screen shots on the play store. I can over and under expose, use the timer, and hit a shutter button. I can't change ISO, shutter, aperture, bracket, etc. Do I have to update the software on the camera?
      I've uploaded an image showing two screen shots. On the left are the sparse controls and on the right is what I see when I press the MODE icon and a panel with the icon pops up. Pressing the icon on the panel does nothing. The Menu doesn't show anything shooting related that I can tell.

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    • By siuma

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    • By Mistyleecious
      Is it possible to configure an automatic transfer of images? I'd like to have it such that every photograph taken by the camera is sent to the app on the computer. I'm currently setting up a time lapse with the syrp genie mini and I was wondering if it was possible to auto send the photo every time, so I can do higher res images. 
    • By hamsong
      This Minnesota wedding was photographed with 3 A7II bodies and the 35mm f2.8, 55mm f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 Sony lenses. I've used this 3 body and 3 prime lens for the past 15 years or so...
      I've been shooting weddings for 20 years and switched to Sony about 3 years ago. Since this wedding, I've replaced two of the cameras for A7III bodies.
      Holly grew up in California and Kyle came from Alexandria, MN. Kyle and Holly spent the first three years of their relationship traveling long distances to see each other. When they first started dating, Kyle lived in Finland and Holly lived in Denver. Within a year, Holly had moved to San Francisco and Kyle to Salt Lake City. Eventually, Kyle ended up moving to Sacramento for work. Holly jumped at the chance to live with him, but that meant a 7+ hour per day commute for her, in order to chase her man and her career. As a result, they learned to cherish each moment together like it might be their last and to make adventures and excursions a constant theme in the life they very deliberately built together.
      It was easily one of the strongest bonds I've ever witnessed and a wonderful day all around.
      The entire wedding took place at Madden’s Resort on beautiful Gull Lake on one of the ideal summer days on a hot and humid day that cooled down nicely in the evening for a perfect sunset on the lake.
      To see more Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN portraits, wedding photography and weddings all over the world, visit my main portfolio on bradleyhanson.com or email me at info@bradleyhanson.com or call me at 206-393-8292 and we can discuss your wedding plans in detail.

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    • By Jonezie
      Hi all,
      I am new here. My Sony A7ii Menu button stopped working this morning. I tried updating the firmware but it doesn't seem to help.
      Any solution to this?

      Thanks. 👍
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