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Case for a backpack

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Just got an A6000. Been looking for a case (similar to gopro) that I can have my camera and a lens with accessories in it and put inside my backpack when travelling.


So far now real luck. Does anyone have or know of any good solutions?

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I've used the Snoop insert from Timbuk2 and it did pretty well. Only downside was that I had to remove anything else in the bag before I could get to my camera stuff.




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I am not too worried about that. Was more for travel on planes and what not. That might work. I also just found a small pelican case that might work also.

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I am researching a similar solution... constantly. Is this for a travel/hiking backpack? or more of general use bag?

For now I use an older Tamrac shoulder bag that fits inside my general use backpack. I think the closest currently would be the Tradewind 3.6 or 5.1.

This was driven more by my backpack than the camera bag. I needed a small camera bag that would fit my body, 4 or so lenses, and a few accessories and still allow enough room for my laptop, general electronics, and a basic change of clothes or extra layers as needed.

Weekend trips or daily sessions on longer trips was my focus and the setup worked fine for a month traveling and continues to give me good flexibility.

I am currently researching a backpack upgrade more than anything and I really have my eye on this one:


My kit is fairly tiny (why I own a6000... small but, powerful) and with some trial and error I think I could hit 5+ days with my full kit, laptop etc out of this bag.


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I have a snowboarding back pack that I love for travel. The Tradewinds are about the same size as the pelican 1200 case I just got to test out. I don't really need a shoulder bag as I use my backpack once I get to destination. I'll see how the pelican works and fits in backpack.

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Check out fStop Gear for some great backpacks specifically made for camera gear and photographers that enjoy the outdoors:




I own the Lotus, smallest at 32 L, of their Mountain Series. They have four other models going to 80 L.  The nicest feature is the Internal Camera Units or ICUs.  So you purchase the bag separate from the ICU.  And the ICUs mostly work in all bags.  There are lots of videos showing possibilities.  And they have space for a laptop and 2L water bag.

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