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Greetings from Munich/Germany!


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Hey there!


My name is Nicolas and I'm into photography for around one and a half year. The reason was a trip to Norway for New Years Eve 2015 where a friend borrowed me his Sony A67. This was actually the first time ever I used a professional camera by myself (I'm currently 22 years old.) and I loved it! Only a few weeks after that, I bought a Sony A5100. 6 months later I started to miss a view finder and a hot shoe, so I swapped to the A6000. And since march I own a A7r II with the 55mm f1.8, the Sigma 20mm f1.4 Art with an EF-Sony adapter and some legacy and "fun"-lenses. Next I will probably go for an 85mm for portraits.


By the way, I'm also studying Media Technology on a Technical University in germany with a specialization on video technology. That means I have really good understanding of optics and all the technical stuff.

I like photography because it also shows me the artistic side of it.


I hope that I can contribute a few things to this forum in the future. :)




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