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Wait for the A7Siii


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I can see this question has been touched on before, so apologies! I'm just doing some research though and it seems Sony is now possibly on the cusp of releasing a camera to replace the A7Sii, do you think it's worth waiting to buy? 


An additional question, is the A7Sii cheaper now (at around £2,000) than it was when it was first released? If that is the case then I wouldn't feel so bad if I purchased an A7Sii and they released an A7Siii a week later... because the new A7Siii would be a lot more expensive - is that the case? 


Thanks very much! 



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Guest Peter Kelly

The answer depends upon what you need, when you need it, and how much you have to spend.

If you really need such a camera now then, of course, the answer is obvious! However, if it's just based on a desire, rather than a need, then you have time to consider carefully and waiting may (possibly) make sense.


Normally I'd advise never waiting, because the latest and greatest is always going to be superseded within less than a year and all you do is miss opportunities. If you are just making preparations and researching the options, then that's not such a consideration. The difficulty, though, is there is no way to know when a new model might arrive. I'm not sure of where you read about an imminent release, but I think it could be another 12 months in this case.


All this assumes you have significant funds, too. If, however, there is a limit, my advice would be not to consider the next model, but to actually go back one to the A7S.

This might seem counter-intuitive, but to go back to the start, what do you intend to do, stills, video, or both? And which of those is the most important? The only real reason (in my opinion) to prefer the A7Sii to the A7S is if you need in-camera 4K recording. I know there is anti-shake, but a good 'glide-cam' mount would resolve that for less. Also, 4K needs a lot of other kit and a powerful computer to deal with the footage.


If you just prefer stills, then the A7 is much better value, or even the A7Rii if you have the cash.


Ultimately, I suppose, it depends upon whether you will have needs that only a new model might address. If any improvements are only incremental to the degree of the previous iteration then I doubt the wait, or the extra money, would be worth it.

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Thanks so much for your reply Peter, it's very interesting to hear your advice. 


I'm a video guy, I use the Sony Fs7 professionally but I was considering the As7ii to take with me to do some travel filming on a trip I'm doing this year - for personal use only. 


I suppose I'm happy with the As7ii specs, so if you think it will be a full year before they update then I should probably go for that... it's a big purchase for me though, they're not cheap! 


One question if you don't mind, I can find them on eBay in the UK for £2000. Is that cheaper than when they were released? If thats the case, that they come down in price through the release cycle then it makes me feel better about buying off the release cycle! 

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Guest Peter Kelly

The price of the A7SII has remained pretty constant, although it's still not been out a year. The first A7S was about £2000 retail and has dropped about £500 in the two years.


If you are mainly into video then the specification which should make the difference is the internal 4K recording. If you need it then the choice is very clear to be the A7SII. If not then I still think the A7S is a better bargain.

My best buying experience has been through Panamoz, who generally match the best you can get through Ebay. They are often willing to offer discount if you ask nicely and your purchase is protected when paying via Paypal.

The warranty is through them, though, as with Ebay purchases, but that's not something I would worry unduly about.

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If you use the FS7 professionally, why not the smaller FS5? Or, just to give you the fun grading, the BMMCC (plus a cheap monitor) or even BMPCC? From my understanding you won't be matching with the FS7 so it doesn't need to be Sony from that perspective.

FS7 has VND built in doesn't it? So factor in that cost for the A7S(ii). I'm not convinced by the A7S (i not ii in my case) for anything other than (very) low light stuff - it's hideous to use and for personal travel use I'd want the "fun factor" too. I use my rx1004 far more than the A7S as it's so small and convenient. But my own favourite for travel is definitely the bmpcc, a steadicam solo and a pocket full of nikon el20s...

I'd also take a long look at the A6300...

Will be interesting to hear what you decide and how you'll rig it (lenses, batteries etc..)

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... it seems Sony is now possibly on the cusp of releasing a camera to replace the A7Sii, do you think it's worth waiting to buy?



Whether it's worth waiting to buy depends in part on what improvements or new features will be in the next iteration, and whether they are important to you - and of course along with the other decision points (release date and price) that's unknown.


What you *do* know at this point is what the features of the a7SII provide and whether it's a reasonable fit for your needs. If it's close to meeting them, then I'd say make the move now regardless. If it's got shortcomings that you consider significant (and that appear reasonably likely to be addressed in the next release) then waiting may make more sense...

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I'm personally waiting for an  A7iii to come out before I buy a new one.  Right now  buying lens are more important to me.  I'm currently pretty happy with the original A7 and just waiting for the A7iii with an improved AF system to come along before I buy another one.  I do need another camera and the A7ii is great, but....

if you're like and could wait and have something currrently to use, then sure use it. If you're not in dire need for something new, then you might as well wait and spend money on those lens. 

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    • Given your interest in wildlife, the 2.8 makes a difference over the 4 version, because it will allow you to better isolate your subject from the background and gain an extra stop. Optical stabilisation is not that much useful when your subject is a moving one, you need a fast lens to keep the shutter speed as high as possible.  Furthermore, the times you won't need 2.8, you will gain image quality stepping down to 4 or 5.6.
    • Thank you all for the replies, definitely some food for thought. I have considered the a7iv as it does have bird eye AF but I was unsure if an upgrade was justified for that alone? The a7iv fps still isn't great.  I have also considered the a7rv, but again was unsure if it would suffice, I love the ability to crop which I often do, but those file sizes are big and I believe the higher MP isn't so great in low light. Lastly I did consider the f4 version, and I agree it would probably allow me to keep the 85, but I'm pretty sold on the 2.8 with it being an internal zoom and I'm a sucker for bokkeh. I would also forever question myself if I should have just gone for the 2.8 As some of you have said, perhaps it is best to add the lens to my arsenal and wait for new body, maybe, just maybe there will be a high frame body with bird eye af in the future? I can hope atleast can't I?   
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