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Using a lav with A7s2

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I currently use the Sony hot shoe audio adapter and Rode NTG3 mic for interviews. great sound. But it means an assistant and traveling with a boompole etc.


I am looking to use a lav set-up for a one-man shoot. I have the Sennheiser lav which has XLR connections but I wondered if anyone has used the RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit with mini plug?

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I'm using the Rodelink Wireless Filmmaker Kit and it's really nice and easy to use. Although it's a bit big, the setup is really quick and easy. 
I've used the Sennheiser EW112 set a lot and although that one is smaller, it is more of a hassle to use. 
Sound quality is very nice and bright.
The only thing is that in some places it is possible to pick up a bit of interference. But I've only run into that about 2 times, nothing to worry about unless you have to use it in environments with loads of networking and electronic devices. 
And of course it's a lot cheaper than the other options.  

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