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Family of foxes hunting rabbit - A6000 + SEL70200F4


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These were too good not to share.

Was travelling and came across a family of red foxes.  I saw both parents, and counted 5 pups.

When I first started to approach them, the mom came right up to me.  I guess I had her approval, because she didn't seem to mind me being there at all.  She stopped and scratched, and laid down, they obviously knew I was no threat.

I managed to catch a few good closeups of her.  They may look a little ragged, but that's just the winter coat being shed.  The dad didn't let me come near him though.  Later while both parents were away I got to within 10 feet of one of the pups who was really curious about me.

I stayed long enough to figure out what was going on.  The field was absolutely full of rabbits!  When the foxes got near, the rabbits would run into their holes.  And when the coast was clear they would all come out again.  Felt more like a game than a hunt.



Mom on the lookout by Matt Barnes, on Flickr



Mom watching me by Matt Barnes, on Flickr



Mom closeup by Matt Barnes, on Flickr




Mom on the approach by Matt Barnes, on Flickr



Dad running with two pups by Matt Barnes, on Flickr



Dad on the chase by Matt Barnes, on Flickr



Watching the rabbit hole by Matt Barnes, on Flickr



Pup shake by Matt Barnes, on Flickr



Cute pup by Matt Barnes, on Flickr



Pup checking me out by Matt Barnes, on Flickr

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