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Gimbal for shooting from a small boat? Suggestions?

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I coach rowing and like to do videos of the crews for coaching purposes and for "end of the year" motivational stuff.  Very hard to shoot stable video with A7II from a small boat that is going up/down/side to side.  So looking for 3 axis gimbal that may help.


Two situations


1. When out by myself it would be great to have some form of gimbal I could fix to the edge of the boat or onto the deck so I could drive and shoot at the same time.

2. More standard hand held gimbal unit when I am just filming and someone else is driving.  Typically shooting from a very low hunched over position (waterline).  


Trying to keep it under US$1500.


Any suggestions welcome.


If bored here is a link to website with some of the rowing and diving videos I have done.  Strictly amateur stuff.  http://aquabluedreams.com/#/page/rowing/



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That one does look good, I have a Phantom so familiar with the camera.  Was hoping for something with the ability to zoom or do tighter shots.  You can only get so close to the rowing boat .  Ebaying my RX100II for the IV and do have the A7II after some research this might be an option:  http://www.came-tv.com/camesingle-3-axis-gimbal-camera-32bit-boards-with-encoders-p-673.html


Anyone with experience with this system or like systems are welcome.

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